Flatworld crafted cutting-edge Generative AI technology to meticulously assess candidate videos, providing unparalleled insights into their below-surface characteristics and professional integrity.

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Unlock the Potential of Your Hiring Process and its accuracy 

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In-depth analysis: of behavioral traits and communication patterns

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Risk-Reduced Hiring: Significantly minimize the risk of bad hires

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Make informed decisions using predictive  AI assessments

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Reduce your operational costs Save your recruiters 1000s of hours

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Enhance Your Teams’ productivity with trusted and productive professionals

We've gained the trust of numerous US and EU customers and successfully vetted over 70,000 candidates

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  • Embrace our ethical and effective practices to secure the productive talents you need

  • Adapting to the changing work landscape and diverse talent pools, companies increasingly recognize the importance of psychological assessments in securing top talent in remote and flexible work environments.

This is what FlatWorld is all about. And this is how we power your growth.

Embracing AI in hiring is about revolutionizing data collection and boosting the decision-making process with a blend of accuracy, efficiency, and fairness. In 2023, we learned that innovation is a necessity, especially in the realm of hiring. It goes beyond merely collecting data; it's about analyzing it in ways that were previously impossible – predicting a candidate's WFH effectiveness and aligning potential with actual performance while cutting costs, and reducing biases.


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    Personalized & optimized

    Search tailored to your company’s specific needs and DNA
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    100s of Global Recruiters

    Generating a virtually unlimited talent pool
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    Unmatched vetting

    Innovative technology fused with psychological insights
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    Predictive hiring

    Forecast performance and engagement over time

This is how we deliver outstanding measurable results

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