Our Story

Our passion for revolutionizing the world of remote work has been driving us to dream and do long before the pandemic- induced ‘new normal.

This is because we’ve been there. We know what it’s like to search for the best talent ‘needle’ in the ‘haystack’ of endless candidates. The best developers, the best talent, and the best match for growth is not always under our nose.

Often, just the right person has a completely different zip-code. And, finding that person can take ages, and often – in fact – it doesn’t happen at all.

This is why we founded Flatworld – to make this impossible task a thing of the past and to make the matching process seamless, fast, easy, and spot-on.

We are on a mission to disrupt the world of remote work and enable companies to build and scale their business by finding them the best match for their needs and DNA, faster than you can say Agile or DevOps.

And we make this happen with our broad understanding of the psychology of candidates and organizations, stringent technical vetting, and a killer algorithm that we developed for automating and accelerating the locating and matching of the most amazing talent for your company.

We believe that hiring remote developers is like dating.

Just because two people are single, it does not mean they are a good match for each other. It is the same when hiring remote developers, as one can have the needed tech skills and still not be productive as remote tech talent.

So, The greatest challenge turns out to be matchmaking. For that, we put aside our recruiting intuition and turn to cutting-edge psychology research to create predictive algorithms to predict a talent’s performance over time at a specific job, while ensuring they are the best fit to support each other’s growth.

Realizing that International recruiters and top talent were left out of the remote work revolution, Flatworld built a platform to leverage 100s of recruiters to discover the untapped talent that is hard to find.

Our leaders bring more than 50 years of cumulative experience in enabling technology organizations to meet business and product objectives, orchestrating complex people- centric organizational processes, and effecting change management, while inspiring talent to outperform expectations.

  • Gilad Bornstein photo

    Gilad Bornstein

    Founder & CEO

    Gilad is a seasoned executive with a robust track record in leading engineering organizations, from ideation to commercialization. Having led multiple teams of dozens to hundreds of engineers both in-office and remote, he is exceptionally cognizant of the needs and challenges involved with recruiting and retaining great remote talent.

    Gilad holds more than 10 granted patents and is relentlessly committed to innovation, acceleration, and performance improvement. As Flatworld’s chief executive, he is focused on disrupting the world of remote work to enable organizations to meet their growth objectives.

  • Maya Barlev photo

    Maya Barlev

    Co-Founder / CPO

    Maya is a Future of Work and Talent Strategy Expert who brings extensive domain expertise in the development and execution of talent-centric growth initiatives.

    She has served in multiple leadership positions, including Head of Human Capital at Deloitte Israel.

    Maya is deeply passionate about bringing together psychology and cutting-edge technology to enable companies achieve their strategic goals.

The best partners for finding the best match

Flatworld brings you the most dedicated team of professionals with the most cutting-edge algorithm for matching optimization.

Through this powerful combination we bring you the best developers who will help take your company to new heights of success.

  • Stringent

    Stringent vetting of candidate’s professional skill-set

  • psychology

    Deep psychological insights into candidate preferences, fit for remote work, match to company DNA

  • DNA

    Company DNA understanding regarding culture, values, mission, vision, firmographics, and demographics

  • puzzle

    Powerful matching algorithm for processing, analyzing, and matching talent and company data

the best match for growth.

  • Partner with us for finding the best match

If you’re the remote business – whether for hiring, payroll, accounting, strategy, or other, we want to work with you so we can deliver a world-class service to our customers together.

When you partner with Flatworld you partner with the leaders of the remote work revolution so you can grow your business, improve success rates, and boost brand equity.

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