Boost retention and performance, preemptively identify potential misconduct

Push the Boundaries with Generative AI

35+ years of I-O science, supercharged by cutting-edge AI,
Pushing beyond the conventional Big Five personality metrics,
reveal insights that were once beyond reach via a six-minute candidate video

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Accelerate Recruiting by
Filtering Upfront for High-Fit

Predict Talent

Augment your recruiting expertise with research-based candidate analysis, enhancing recruiting efficiency and depth of insights for HR and Hiring Managers.

Hire Talent That
You Can Trust

Gain deep insights into the work ethic of a potential talent, ensuring you onboard individuals whose integrity and reliability you can count on.

Make Data-Driven
Hiring Decisions

Gain clarity in candidate evaluation. Distill complex data into a clear explainable score, enabling effortless comparison and confident hiring choices.

How it works


A Six Minutes Candidate Video

Engage candidates with a six-minutes, six-questions offline video interview. This format ensures a seamless and streamlined experience, reflecting your company's commitment to modern, candidate-first evaluation processes.


Multi-Modal Psychological Evaluation

A revolutionary multi-modal evaluation to deliver an in-depth candidate analysis that redefines predictive hiring. This state-of-the-art assessment represents the pinnacle of hiring technology.


The ‘Success-Six’ Personality Variables

A nuanced candidate evaluation process through comprehensive data analysis delivering the top six personality variables that correlate with job performance, from adaptability to resilience and reliability.


Candidate Performance

Experience unparalleled precision with our Candidate Performance Index (CPI) - A clear KPI providing a transparent view of a candidate's likelihood to thrive, increasing your confidence and ROI of every hire.

What You Get

Experience our CPI analysis scoring candidate’s personality variables, providing a clear indication of their potential hiring ROI.

Candidate Performance Index (CPI) Score


High Integrity

An individual is likely to always act transparently and adhere to moral and ethical principles, even without supervision. They excel in environments that value open communication and can struggle when transparency is not reciprocated.

High frame Independence

Continuously seeks to understand situations from multiple perspectives, excelling in roles that demand creative problem-solving. They might get impatient when surrounded by traditional thinkers.

High Self-Directed Collaborator

Masters the art of managing individual tasks while seamlessly contributing to team goals. They flourish in environments that value both autonomy and collaboration but might feel constrained in rigid structures.

High Self-Starter

Constantly on the lookout for new opportunities or improvements, they excel when given autonomy and can become restless when micromanaged.

Medium Adaptability

Generally adjusts to changes but might occasionally require extra time or training. They find a balance between routine and novelty.

Medium Resilience

Generally bounces back from setbacks but might occasionally need support. They find a balance between challenge and comfort.

Discover why our clients keep coming back
“From the first moment, this collaboration has been fantastic. We are recruiting through five channels, and Flatworld is our most successful recruiting channel by far”

Merissa Silk

COO / CPO - Fundingport

Discover why our clients keep coming back
"Adding the Latin America contingency opened up a new chapter for us. Flatworld is my premier partner with which I can grow and develop a long sustainable relationship, and I appreciate and trust its vetting process"

lan Schwartz

COO - Cherre

Discover why our clients keep coming back
"We had a pipeline problem. The overall quality of the organic application wasn't good enough. Flatworld succeeded where no one else did, genuinely evaluating applicants.

Yaron Lavi

СТО - Deel

Trust us and join our valued clients

Test-drive the technology that redefines the pre-employment assessment process, blending technology and psychology to unlock the full spectrum of human potential in the workforce.

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