Vitor P.

"I really wanted the flexibility to travel and experience the world, this job really makes my dream come true. "

"I really wanted the flexibility to travel and experience the world, this job really makes my dream come true. "


Data Engineer

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Time to Hire

5 days

Tell us a bit more about you

I’m Vitor — I’m 24. I’ve been working with Data since 2017. I started as a data analyst in a company called eBacks and then moved to Data Engineer as a junior Data Engineer.

What were you looking for in your next job opportunity?

The salary was very interesting for me. Here in Brazil, things aren’t that easy. Earning the type of compensation you get abroad is something very hard to believe.  I really want to leave Brazil as soon as possible, and with this job I can do that. That’s one of the reasons why this job was such a no-brainer, this job really makes my dream come true. 

How did you find Flatworld?

I just saw the Flatworld ads on my Instagram, Facebook, and on my Linkedin. I just kind of applied, I thought: “Oh my god, can I really achieve this salary?”.  To be honest I wasn’t sure I could get the job, because my compensation would be twice as high as my previous one. 

How would you describe your experience with Flatworld?

When I applied to Flatworld, I saw the quiz, I finished the quiz, I got my results, and to be honest, I think the Flatworld process took 4 days, something like that.It was a good experience. I think it was very fast. The only thing I can point out is that the first email I got made me think that the whole process was 4 steps, but I then had some final interviews at Cherre. 

What makes the opportunity at Cherre a great fit for you?

My main goal was to be able to work for a company outside of Brazil that will allow me to grow and learn outside my comfort zone. I feel like Cherre is exactly that!

Would you recommend us to a friend? What would be your number one selling point?

Yes I would recommend Flatworld. I already have actually.  One of the main selling point for Flatworld is it's transparency, you know your results, you know how your test is going. I also think referring my friends to Flatworld instead of to Cherre directly gives them better probabilities of getting hired. I personally think people are more likely to get the job if they apply through Flatworld than directly.