Harness the power of 100s of international recruiters to get matched with fully vetted remote developers.

Derisk your international hiring by plugging into our remote hiring platform, leveraging our unlimited talent pool to find high-fit remote developers.

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In-depth vetting

We vet developers' tech skills, including rigorous tests and technical interviews; we conduct full behavioral personality and soft skills assessments.

Data-driven predictive hiring

Collecting 150+ data points ensures you build high-performing, highly engaged remote teams.

Stop the waste

Save $65,000-$100,000 per full-time developer, with no middleman and a 3:1 interview-to-hire rate.

Join top organizations using Flatworld to hire global developers

How It Works

1. Onboarding

Complete our company cultural assessment and join a 30min onboarding session with our CTO

2. Seeking

100s of recruiters search for the best international developers matched to your needs.

3. Matching

We derisk hiring via 150+ data points obtained by in-depth vetting, predicting remote and company fit.

4. Employing

Hire high-performing developers who will support your growth and business goals over time.

What Companies Say About FlatWorld

"From the first moment, this collaboration has been fantastic. We are recruiting through five channels, and Flatworld is our most successful recruiting channel by far"

Merissa Silk

COO / CPO - Fundingport

"Adding the Latin America contingency opened up a new chapter for us. Flatworld is my premier partner with which I can grow and develop a long sustainable relationship, and I appreciate and trust its vetting process"

Ian Schwartz

COO - Cherre

"We had a pipeline problem. The overall quality of the organic application wasn't good enough. Flatworld succeeded where no one else did. Genuinely evaluating the candidates, they are sending us high-quality applicants"

Yaron Lavi

CTO - Deel

The benefits of working with FlatWorld

International talent

Overcome the talent shortage conundrum, hiring full-time developers with no middleman

Unlimited talent pool

Reach any international developer with our 100s of international recruiters

3:1 interview / hire

Get only high-fit candidates based on a full tech, personality and soft-skills matching score

Tech vetting

Fully vetted tech candidates via rigorous tests and a full 60min technical interview.

Company fit

Improve retention rate with candidates matched to your company’s cultural DNA.

Predictable performance

De-risk your hiring process based on 150+ data points predicting developers' performance

Time to hire

Get high-quality talent faster, improving your time to hire and meeting your growth goals

Flat rate hiring fees

Select a subscription plan to enjoy flat-rate hiring fees

Decrease cost / hire

Save on-average $60K-$100k per full-time hire


Of Cherre's full-time international team was hired by FlatWorld, achieving a near-perfect retention rate.


Developers got hired at Deel with the help of FlatWorld, which allowed them to achieve their growth and product delivery goals

We make hiring international remote developers as simple as drinking coffee.

At FlatWorld, we match you with fully vetted international remote developers that are predicted to succeed and thrive at your company.

A Remote developer might be the best fit for a big company like Microsoft but the worst candidate for a growth-stage startup with a small team. To sustain high performance over time, people must match a company's culture and way of work.

That is why FlatWorld carries an in-depth assessment to understand your company culture, needs, and expectations, before matching you with developers based on your company's unique DNA.

Ensuring the right fit makes developers happy to work for your company in the long run, resulting in better retention. And they also go the extra mile to support your growth.

While some people flourish working remotely, others see their performance plummet. So the question is: Can you predict who will thrive remotely? And who won't?

We can. We have identified the “remote personality skeleton” combined with a set of soft skills and motivations which are critically important to succeed and thrive within a fully remote environment.

Here are three reasons hiring remote international tech talent is becoming a must.

1) With 1M missing software developers in the US alone, there aren't enough computer science graduates in the US to solve the talent shortage problem.

2) Fewer tech talent is immigrating

3) Remote developers no longer want to work via an outsourcing/middleman company. Their dream job is in a great US/EU company as part of the core engineering team.

At FlatWorld, we help you cut the middleman and directly relate to the remote talents you are hiring as part of your core engineering team.

As a matter of fact, each week, we get 10s of highly talented developers from outsourcing companies who no longer have the desire to work through an intermediary company.

By hiring remote developers in LatAm and Europe directly, you tap into a talent pool you may not otherwise have accessed.

How can you judge the resume of someone in a foreign country? Someone who works for a company that you've never heard of. Or someone who went to a university you don't know?

We believe it's time to ditch the résumé and focus on what people can actually do and who they are.

By looking at data and testing a developer's technical knowledge & skills, we created a process that identifies high-performing developers.

On top of technical vetting, we look at their work motivations, habits, and preferences to ensure they perfectly fit the work environment and the company's way of work.

Performance-based hiring processes facilitate inclusive hiring.

Is this your first time hiring a remote international developer? We've got you covered. We're here to help every step of the way! From salary ranges to geographical recommendations, including legal advice and payroll. But let's not forget our unique expertise optimizes the matching between you and your international remote tech team.

Already hiring internationally? We will be your trusted partner. We believe a high-fit candidate can transform a business, so we created a reliable, in-depth, fully automated vetting process for global recruiting to solve our client's international hiring dilemmas and establish deep and long-lasting business partnerships.

Ready to hire full-time high-fit international developers to support your growth?

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