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Start Referring Now!


Refer a potential client

Share the name and email address of someone who could benefit from our services, and let them know we'll be reaching out to them.


We contact them

Our experienced sales team will connect with them to learn more about their needs and how we can help.


They become a client

When your referral becomes a paying client, you'll be rewarded with 20% of all gross profit from that client for 24 months!

With Flatworld's exclusive Client Referral Program, you can earn an additional stream of income simply by referring potential clients. You will earn 20% of all gross profit generated from them for 24 months!


Simply ensure that your referred contact is aware that we'll be reaching out to them regarding a potential contract. If the company you refer has approval process before we proceed. We'll notify you of our decision as soon as possible.
Yes, please! This is also a great option since it is a strong way to make an e-introduction.
We will e-mail you updates if: we schedule a meeting with the referred company, we enter contract negotiations, we sign the contract or if the company chooses not to work with us entirely. But regardless, feel free to contact us whenever you’d like to check in.
We have several great partners that can facilitate payment world-wide, some of them include Deel and Payoneer. You can expect to receive the payments at every 6-month mark starting from the moment the contract is signed.
Feel free to reach out to us at any time at
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