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TalentMatch & HireWise

At FlatWorld, we raise the stakes by including our own candidate curation process to make sure we are forwarding the right candidates. Our clients will choose one out of two possible curation sequences for each role:


  • In-depth curation
  • Tech roles only
  • Cross-border only


  • Fewer steps, higher submission rates
  • Bounty announced by client
  • Tech & non-tech roles
  • US and UK remote as well as cross-border

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Our clients come in all shapes and sizes. But for now, most of them are in Silicon Valley and the UK. Our largest client today has over 2.5k employees, but you’ll find we also cater to smaller companies!
We have both tech and non-tech roles and are continuously expanding geographically as well, most of our roles require candidates currently residing in Latam or Europe but we are seeing an increase in demand for candidates in USA and Canada as well.
The bounty is your commission, your fee for finding the right candidate for a role.
A partial bounty is a reward a client might be willing to pay for a non-hire goal that has been met. It can be for a candidate who has passed the first interview on their side or has achieved a particular score on a test, it will really depend on the client.
The bounty per hire is determined by the customer and is published upfront with a range of $USD 2-10k. Based on the bounty you might elect to accept a role to work on or reject it.
The "Login with Linkedin" functionality we use allows us to provide a seamless and more secure experience for you.

By using your LinkedIn profile to log in to HireClub, you can skip all the steps in confirming your identity. You don't need to wait for "confirm your email" messages or provide evidence for your id.

Additionally, using "Login with LinkedIn" means that we do not store any password information for users" profiles. In the unlikely event of a security incident, there is no risk of passwords being compromised.

During the flow, we are only provided with limited information about your profile: your name and profile id. It"s impossible for us to post anything on your feed or your behalf.
Yes. We don’t demand exclusivity or limit you in any way. You can choose to work with whom you like. We hope the money you will make hiring remotely with Flatworld will shift your time and attention toward international recruitment opportunities.
This is simple: Using platforms like Deel, Oyster, or Payoneer, we will have your money transferred via Flatworld directly to your bank account.
You'll get $USD 1k two weeks after the hired candidates' start date and the remainder of your bounty on the 90-day mark.
We will do all the work here and you'll get your bounty fees no matter what, even if we have issues collecting the funds.

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